Guidelines for authors

Speculum Juris publishes articles (8000-10000 words), commentary on recent case law or legislative developments (2500-5000 words), case notes (5000-8000 words) and book reviews analysing the content, style and merit of a recently published book (500-1000 words). The length limitation includes footnotes. Save in very exceptional circumstances and only in the sole discretion of the editors, we will not publish submissions that exceed the stipulated length. The final decision on the type of contribution rests with the editors.

All submissions should be well-written and of a high scholarly standard that make an original contribution.  Book reviews are not subject to peer review.

All articles should be accompanied by an abstract of approximately 250-350 words. Below the abstract, include at least five keywords of the article in English. All submissions should include the names, title, academic qualifications, present position and institutional affiliation of the authors.

We accept online submissions on a rolling basis and welcome contributions by legal academics, practitioners and students.

Authors whose manuscripts are accepted for publication in Speculum Juris are expected to review at least two (2) manuscripts per year for the journal.

Submitting your manuscript

Contributions must be submitted online. In order to submit an article or other contribution, you must first register as a user on our website and log in. Registration and login are also required to check the status of current submissions. To register,  click here. Once you have registered and created a user profile, you will receive an automated e-mail containing an activation link to confirm your registration.

Login at Author login or submit articles, click on the Upload Article link that becomes visible and follow the instructions to upload your article. The editors will receive automatic notification of your submission and will respond to you shortly.

In the event that you have difficulties in submitting online, you may send your contribution as an attachment to an email to the Managing Editor, Prof Patrick Osode:

Review process

Every contribution received thats meet our criteria will first be assessed internally by the editors in order to ensure that it is of sufficient scholarly quality, is well written and falls within the scope and focus of Speculum Juris. Contributions which do not comply with the guidelines, length limitations and referencing style may be rejected outright.

All contributions that meet our criteria will then be reviewed anonymously by at least two independent reviewers selected on the basis of their expertise in the subject matter of the contribution and their availability. In cases where there are conflicting recommendations by the reviewers, the editors may approach additional reviewers. It should be noted, however, that the final decision regarding publication will be made by the editors.

The journal endeavours to provide feedback to authors within a period of four months from the date of initial receipt of the submission. However, this period may be slightly longer depending on a variety of factors. We kindly request that contributors refrain from sending emails asking about the status of their submission before the expiry of the above mentioned period. Once we have decided to publish or not to publish a submission, we will contact the contributor

Style Guide

All submissions should follow the journal style guide [Insert style guide here]

Language Policy

All submissions must be in English.


It is the author’s responsibility to ensure that his or her manuscript is well written and that all aspects thereof, including the facts, grammar, spelling and punctuation are accurate. The copy editor may make suggestions for changes where these are necessary to ensure readability, consistency or clarification.