Editorial Policies

Peer-review policy

The journal employs a strict double-blind peer review process in which the reviewers’ names are withheld from the author and, the author’s name from the reviewers. The reviewer may, however, elect to reveal their name to the author in their review.


All parties who have made a substantive contribution to the article or other submission should be listed as authors. Main authorship, authorship order and other publication credits should be based on the relative professional contributions of the individuals concerned.


All individuals who have contributed to the article or made other contribution but do not meet the criteria for authorship should be duly acknowledged.

Declaration of conflicting interests

By submitting articles and other papers, all authors warrant that they are submitting their own original work, that they have the rights in the work, that they are submitting the work for first publication in the journal and that their work is not being considered for publication elsewhere and/or has not already been published elsewhere, and that they have secured and are able to provide all the necessary permissions for the reproduction of any copyright works not owned by them.