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A Contract of Engagement as an Unenforceable Pactum de Contrahendo under South African Law: Distilling Lessons for Lesotho Courts
A Critical Analysis of the Frozen Chips Saga Between the Southern African Customs Union and Belgium and the Netherlands
A Critical Analysis on the Right of University Technology Transfer Offices to Develop Intellectual Property Policies: Reflections on the IPR Act -
A Critical Discussion of a Pension Interest as an Asset in the Joint Estate of Parties Married in Community of Property
A Reflection on the Interpretation Germane to an “Act or Omission” or “Course of Conduct or Continued Practice” in terms of the 2008 Companies Act: A Critical Analysis of Singh v The CIPC
Advancing Regional Integration through the Free Movement of Persons in the Southern African Development Community (SADC)
African Courts and Contemporary Constitutional Developments: Introduction
An analysis of Nigeria’s soft non-compliant approach to domestic and regional court orders and its implication for human rights and the rule of law
An Analysis of the Criteria Used to Evaluate and Award Public Tenders
An Analysis of the Legislative Framework concerning Sustainable Mining in South Africa
An Analytical Look Into the Concept of Online Defamation in South Africa, 124-134
Assessing the Human Rights Implication of Calls for Regulation of Faith-Based Organisations
Assessment of Contested Expert Medical Evidence in Medical Negligence Cases: A Comparative Analysis of the Court’s Approach to Bolam/Bolitho test in England, South Africa and Singapore