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The Constitutionality of Statutory Limitation to The Right of Access to Information Held by the State in South Africa
The Constraints of Securing Permanent Residence in South Africa through a Citizen Child
The Exclusion of Supervisory Liability and the Possible Constitutional Rights Issues: A Discussion of Section 65 of the Financial Services Laws General Amendment Act 45 of 2013
The Impact of the Abolition of the Third Party Delictual Claim for Adultery by the Constitutional Court in De v RH (CCT 182/14) [2015] ZACC 18
The Lawfulness of a Memorandum of Incorporation Clause that Permits a Company Board to Refuse Transfer of Shares Without Reasons: Analysis of Visser Sitrus (Pty) Ltd v Goede Hoop Sitrus (Pty) Ltd
The Madzimbamuto Judgment of the Zimbabwean Constitutional Court - A missed opportunity to eradicate citizenship by descent
The Nature and Evolution of the Business Judgment Rule and its Transplantation to South Africa under the Companies Act of 2008
The Normative Complementarity of the African Children’s Charter and the African Women’s Protocol in the Context of Efforts to Combat Child Marriage
The Prosecution in Uganda’s Courts of the Offences of Murder and Robbery Committed Abroad and the Right to be Tried before a Competent Court: A Comment on Bakubye & Anor v Uganda (Criminal Appeal No.56 of 2015.) [2018] UGSC 5 (17 January 2018)
The Public/Private Divide in South African Construction Procurement Law: The Suitability of the Private Law of Contract
The Realisation of the Right to a Basic Education in the Twenty Years of Constitutional Democracy
The Regulation of Exploitation of Natural Resources through the Doctrine of Corporate Criminal Liability in Contemporary Africa
The ‘Treadmill Approach’ in South Africa’s Constitutional Adjudication Process
Time on their Side? A Review of the Four Year LLB as a Tool for the Transformation of the Legal Profession
Towards a Clearer Understanding of the Difference between the Obligation to Pay Compensation and the Validity Requirements for an Expropriation
Trade Liberalization, Developing Countries and the Discipline of Trade-Impacting Measures Related to Environmental Conservation: An Appraisal of United States -Measures Concerning Importation, Marketing and Sale of Tuna Products.
Transformative Constitutionalism: A Judicial Perspective from the Eastern Cape